To enable those with hearing loss to live a life without limits, and hear a world of sound. Hemideina takes inspiration from nature to develop solutions for human hearing. It is our mission to be a trusted source of innovation for those with hearing loss.

Cyban Pty Ltd is an Australian technology company focused on developing a novel, non-invasive continuous tissue oxygen monitor. Initial commercialisation focus is on measuring cerebral (brain oxygen) in intensive care and emergency departments. Cyban was formed from research led by Dr. Barry Dixon, an Intensive Care Clinician. Dr. Dixon recognised that a major clinical challenge exists for patients with severe traumatic brain injury in that current monitoring systems have significant limitations. Consequently, detection and treatment of tissue hypoxia is often delayed, resulting in a worse injury to the patient. Cyban’s technology aims to reduce or eliminate secondary injuries due to hypoxia by allowing early detection and more importantly intervention for a better patient outcome.

Navi Medical Technologies is focused on developing innovative pediatric medical devices that enable children to live brighter, healthier futures.

Incisive Technologies is a medical device company focussed on empowering oral healthcare professionals and increasing the opportunity for preventative treatments globally.

SIGNIFICANT invests in emerging technologies that will shape our future and the future of our economy and society. SIGNIFICANT uses a collaborative investment approach to early-stage venture capital applying private equity active management and leveraging aligned interests of universities, local governments, incubators and investors. This brings not just capital to the table but extensive commercial acumen and industry networks which create, shape and accelerate.

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University is recognised for the excellence of its education and research in the medical, health and sports sciences.

Agersens is a new technology company developing an animal collar and phone app to help beef and dairy farmers reduce their labour costs and increase their productivity by automating the movement and control of their livestock. Agersens’ eShepherd is a GPS based collar and smart device app that can: • help beef and dairy farmers increase productivity while also reducing their costs • improve the health and welfare of livestock • promote a cleaner environment by preventing cattle from polluting our waterways, or overgrazing and damaging our land. Agersens’ eShepherd was named one of the Top Ten Australian Innovations of 2018 Agersens was named one of the world’s top disruptive brands of 2017

Monarch Mental Health Group (previously TMS Clinics Australia) is a psychiatrist-led Australian mental health care provider offering early access to innovative next-step services for depression, anxiety, and related mental health conditions.

Changing the face of beauty with clean toxin-free makeup made from food in response to consumers desires to have a natural and authentic look that comes from being healthy inside and out.

Global Kinetics Pty Ltd (GK) is committed to improving the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, with advanced medical technologies. GK is on a trajectory to revolutionize the management of Parkinson’s disease by enabling informed treatment decisions which are based on continuous and objective measurement of patients’ key movement symptoms in everyday environments.

BioMelbourne Network is an industry-led membership association for organisations engaged in biotechnology, medical technology and health innovation in the state of Victoria. Our role is to foster links between companies, research organisations, financial markets and government, creating an environment for greater collaboration and prosperity.

AusBiotech is Australia's Biotechnology Industry Organisation, which represents over 3,000 members working in life sciences, including therapeutics, medical technology (devices and diagnostics), digital health, food technology and agricultural sectors.

The Australian Institute of Company Directors is committed to strengthening society through world-class governance. We aim to be the independent and trusted voice of governance, building the capability of a community of leaders for the benefit of society. Our membership of more than 43,000 includes directors and senior leaders from business, government and the not-for-profit sectors.

CPA Australia is one of the world's largest accounting bodies with a global membership of more than 164,695 members (as at 31 December 2018) working in 150 countries and regions around the world. Our core services to members include education, training, technical support and advocacy. Employees and members work together with local and international bodies to represent the views and concerns of the profession to governments, regulators, industries, academia and the general public.

The Australian Investment Council is the voice of private capital in Australia. Our members partner with businesses across every sector of the market to help them grow, while supporting their local communities and creating new employment opportunities. Businesses backed by private capital investment make a significant contribution to growing the nation’s economy.

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